The Perfect House


Every day millions of people are online looking for their ideal home.  Countless hours are spent going from site to site in hopes that the rare gem of a house will magically appear and call out 


Finding "The Perfect House" takes a lot of time and patience.  There are many factors to weigh in the process which make finding just the right property challenging.  Tools are available to make the process easier but even the tools aren't magic.  It still takes time.  

What if you had a "personal shopper" who could do 90% of the legwork in the home finding process?  

The Perfect House™ is just that.  

The first step in the process is to identify what you are looking for in a home.  Once you have defined your "Wants and Needs" the next step is to turn your search over to a professional.  A professional home finder will help you find the right property and also help you make it yours by guiding you through the entire buying process from finding the right house to finding the right financing on through the closing of the sale and beyond.  

The Perfect House™ is a free service designed to help you find your next home.  Click here to get started today!  


Service provided by Jana Sullivan

RE/MAX of Siouxland 

201 Pierce Street, Suite 201

Sioux City, IA 

Phone 712-253-4672 

Email Jana Sullivan

Licensed in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska



If you are a licensed real estate professional and would like to become The Perfect House™ professional home finder for your area, click here.


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